Leisure sailing This section of the club is for adult members who are autonomous in sailing. To become a member of the CNCP, you must be of age, autonomous on a boat (dinghy or catamaran) and up to date with the annual club fee.
  • Two types of members exist:
Owners who can store their boats on the club grounds (subject to availability). They have access to sanitary facilities at all times and can go out on the water whenever they wish. They are however required to maintain their equipment in good condition and must be able to provide a certificate of insurance for their boat.
● Leisure sailing members who do not own their boat. They can sail with the club's equipment. Whether they are specifically intended for leisure sailing (lasers) or the sailing school (catamarans, windsurfers or paddles). They may only be taken out during the opening hours of the leisure sailing and if the equipment is not used in the sailing school. Each member is asked to get involved in the life of the club according to his availability and skills (cleaning the beach, organizing regattas...)

Sports Section
This section is for minors and adults wishing to participate in competitions. The club generally provides the boat for the duration of the sporting season. It is the responsibility of the racer and his family to maintain it in good condition.

The Sports School is for beginner Optimist sailors. By following a training programme (generally one outing per week), the objective is to participate in the first regattas of the departmental circuit. The main axes allow the apprentice racer to progress technically and to acquire the theoretical bases to be able to complete a course in good conditions. Sailing is done on "school" equipment and the final objective is to compete in the Club Team sections.

The Club Team is made up of regional level racers capable of racing on the league circuit. Two training sessions per week on Optimist, Laser or catamaran. The objective of this section is to help the youngsters to reach the French Espoirs Championships. The club provides "competition" equipment and follows up on travel, it also offers help to those who wish to become sailing instructors later on by investing in their training.

Sailing School This section deals with the teaching aspect of the club. This section is open from Easter to All Saints' Day. Different types of courses and cycles are available for people who want to discover sailing.

Holiday courses During the All Saints', Easter and summer holidays, the CNCP offers weekly courses in Optimist, catamaran and windsurfing. During the Easter and All Saints' holidays, the youngsters sail in the morning in an Optimist and the older ones in a catamaran in the afternoon. There is no minimum level required, but students must be physically fit and able to swim. From 7 years old.

During the summer holidays, morning sailing is more oriented towards discovery for beginners from 6 years old, while the afternoons are open to older teenagers and adults who wish to improve their catamaran skills.
It is also possible to rent paddles or catamarans at the beach point depending on the weather.

During the summer, we can also welcome groups (PIJ, camps...) in ideal learning conditions.

Outside the holidays, trainees can join our learning cycles. These are weekly meetings that allow you to learn and progress in Optimist or catamaran in various conditions.

All our courses are accompanied by a French Sailing School sailing booklet and are sanctioned by a level of practice. They are also the gateway to becoming a member of the club or joining the sports sections.

School Sailing The CNCP is also involved with primary schools in the department and offers school sailing cycles, allowing pupils to discover the activity of sailing.
This activity can take place in cycles of several half-days or full days. We can also welcome a class for a whole week or a single day of discovery.
The pupils will learn the technical basics of sailing, but we also emphasise the notions of mutual aid and discovery of the environment and its fragility.

Organisation This section includes all the other activities of the club, encompassing all the sections previously mentioned.
The organization of regattas, sports sailing being important within the CNCP, it is quite normal that the club organizes events of all levels (from the departmental criterium to the French Championships). The CNCP has the equipment to hold this type of event, but also the human resources and experience of this type of meeting to allow a smooth and safe running of all types of events.

Solidly established in Canet and concerned about the environment, the CNCP regularly organises awareness-raising activities and actively participates in cleaning up the beaches thanks to the dynamism of its members.
In addition to teaching sailing, the club helps its members to train. For example, we regularly organise safety events with the SNSM and we encourage our young people to learn by being a training centre for instructors.

Finally, the CNCP is a place of life and meeting. We regularly organise festivities to bring together all the members in great convivial moments oriented towards sharing. For example, we recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of the club.


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